Sunday 8 November 2009

I´m dreaming of knitted dresses...

Just a quick update after a very busy weekend where I laid hands on the last details of my order to Norway. I thought I show you some of my latest cuffs that are going to be send tomorrow.

A vibrant yellow-pink-orange cuff that was inspired by the dahlias in my garden.

The next two cuffs capture the more dusty still rich colours of an autumn day.

A glamorous version for the festive season – would even make a gorgeous wedding cuff I think.

I was visiting an old friend in Germany a couple of weeks ago, she is a weaver and designer and gave me some of the most gorgeous mother-of -pearl buttons she had left over. To be precise, she gave me a whole bag of them – thank you Brigitte! As you can see I made some rather glamorous rings with them.

I also created these rings, they are made of vintage bakelite buttons which are simply lovely with their subtle colours.

And here a picture of my "Mohair Beauties", sweet crocheted flower brooches just perfect to lighten up a grey winterday! Available in 8 colours in my etsy shop

Other news include the purchase of a knitting machine. I have thought about getting one for a long time but after having seen the film “Sequins” - french title "Brodeuses" - (which actually is about two embroiderers who are very different but make friends through the shared love for their craft ) I simply had to buy one! Why, you may ask, isn´t it about embroidery? Yes, but when I saw the green lacy knitted dress Claire is wearing in the last scene of the film I knew I wanted to make dresses and shawls like that!

Now I´m soon going to be the proud owner of a Brother KH 900 knitting machine (it is going to be delivered on Tuesday). I signed up for a course next weekend and going to keep you ajour with my lace knitting progress! And - if you haven´t seen the film go and get it! It´s so typical french with a good plot and it´s simply a feast for the eyes! It´s my favourite film ever, bien sur.

I´ll be back soon with a little feature about one of my dear blogfriends and favourite artists!


  1. So happy to see your new creations...everything is beautiful!
    Stella xxx

  2. Yes, your cuffs look beautiful, Kirsten! And I can't wait to see what you create with your new knitting machine :) (I saw that film, Sequins, too--loved the textiles they were working on in the movie...)


  3. K .... a feast for the eyes, truly.
    Good luck with your new project....can't wait to see what you produce!

  4. Lovely new work, the mother of pearl buttons are beautiful too. Good luck with the course and your new knitting machine. Best wishes. Lesley

  5. I look forward to reading about your experience. I bought a machine a decade ago, but I didn't go to the classes, thinking I'd figure it out. I did not!
    The cuffs are lovely. The ivory one is very much to my taste, and the purple one must be one of the very few items I have ever liked in that color!

  6. oh, so zarte, zauberhafte kunstwerke!!!
    ich bin begeistert!!
    liebe grüße schicke ich zu dir ...

  7. Beautiful Holiday decorating, Kirsten! I love all the hints of purple and magenta with the silver and gold...and the new brooches look lovely :)
    Take care,..

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