Tuesday 2 November 2010


Autumn has come. Grey days, rain, frost and fog in the morning - time to prepare for the Christmas season, snuggle up in the sofa with a good cup of tea and light lots of candles! And craft nice things for the Christmas shows and web-shop, of course!

I have decided to make Christmas decorations for the markets I´m going to attend, I love working with flowers, making wreaths - and the garden is full of wonderful things I can use. In the picture above you see an arrangement featuring one of my small wreaths made of hops, ivy and hydrangea.

I´ve made them in different sizes, to arrange with candles, baubles etc, or to hang in a window or on the front door. Here are some more:

They make nice autumnal decorations now and can easily be upcycled for the Christmas season. Another arrangement on our dining table:

I have also made a bunch of Christmas cards which I forgot to take pictures of, so I´ll show you next time, lots of wristwarmers in nice dusky colours adorned with hand dyed vintage appliqué and lace and small purses made of vintage florals.

I love sitting in the conservatory when I´m working, especially this time of the year, as it´s so light and you almost feel you´re sitting in the garden - just with much more comfortable temperatures! Frida the Forest Cat loves keeping me company, either she snuggles up in the cushions on the daybed:

... or in one of the chairs. Look at this pretty furry ball:

Last not least I´m proud to announce that my new Fleur de Bohème website is finally finished and online, and I even created a new website for my shop La Vie Bohème. Take a look and tell me what you think - I did it all by myself, independancy rocks!!!