Monday 13 July 2009

Train update

Just want to give you a quick update on how it´s going with my summershop - and thanks to all of you who left such nice and encouraging coments and a special thanks to Mandarine d´Italie and Rafaela Tomazzoni who featured me on their blogs.

It has been going well so far, it was a good decision to convert the train carriage into a shop/gallery space and I get a lot of positive feedback from the people who come around. I just wish more people would find out here but having said that I have actually sold quite well and I even got commissions for a customized slip dress and two bags so I am quite busy ;-)

Last year I bought some plain white boxes for my wares which I decided to pimp a bit so these are my new Fleur de Boheme giftboxes:

I even made Fleur de Boheme badges in different colours which I give away to customers to help them remember me and people seem to like them - haven´t taken a picture of them yet but will post one later.

Last not least two pictures from the exhibition at my friend Tracys gallery, the space is much different from my own venue but it´s such a beautiful gallery and my things look very nice there I think.

I haven´t asked the other artists yet if it´s alright for them that I post pictures of their work on my blog, but I hope I can show you their work in my next posting.

Sunday 5 July 2009

Train in Vain ;-)

I have been very busy the last weeks as I had to get everything ready for my summer shop in our vintage train carriage. I opened last thursday and I´m really happy with the result. I painted the table, bench and steps I use to display my bouquets of flowers from the garden in a nice lavender-blue shade to make it look cosy and inviting to visitors.

The rough style of the carriage creates a very interesting contrast to my handcrafted textiles and jewellery and the venue has a nice shabby chic feel to it.

My worktable with jewellery and accessories in the corner.

Vintage linen and tableclothes and in the mirror a peek of my vintage dresses.

Dainty summer scarves and my embroidered jewellery.

We had a heat wave the last couple of days, so there weren´t particularly many customers yet - everyone was at the beach I suppose, but I hope more people will come around during the next weeks. My summer shop was mentioned in one of the Danish lifestyle and interior mags, they had even put two nice pictures in, so I hope that´ll give me some extra customers.

I´m also exhibiting with three other artists in my friend Tracys gallery, I´ll post some pictures of that exhibition soon - the three other girls make fantastic stuff, too.

That was all for now - enjoy the summer!