Thursday 25 February 2010

My Creative Space!

Once again it´s time to invite you into my creative space. Lots of different things on the go, as always, but let´s start with this lovely scarf, another commission for Rainey from the Josie Baggley Company and part of a swap that we´re doing:

The scarf is made of a nice and fluffy mohair yarn in a delicate lace pattern, and the combination of red and pink is so beautiful - I love it! It can even be worn as a little shrug closed with a brooch:

I´m working on the matching wristlets right now, I´ll post a picture next week ;-)

I want to make lots of delicate shrugs in this beautiful lace pattern for my summershop and have chosen the following lightweight yarns in yummie colours, most of them supersoft kid mohair:

I even managed to finish my crocheted cushion cover, I really like the summary colours - just what you need after this long and cold winter when we all are waiting for the spring to come!

A couple of days ago I was tidying up my studio - things are funny enough piling up everywhere , lol - when I found this almost finished cuff I started to make for myself before Christmas:

I´m glad I found it as I´m looking forward to wear it, I only have to put the lining in and I want to add more bead embroidery to the edges of the pink velvet trim. The black lace falls very nicely from the wrist down on your hand which I really like.

Well, it has almost become a tradition that I post a picture of our furry family members, and I´m sure you will enjoy this cute photo of our two dogs Gustav and Snuff in the snow, looking hopefully up to me because they know I have some titbits in my pocket ;-)

Who could possibly resist them ;-)

Well that was all for now I think, and I´m rather proud that I managed to update my blog in time for the Creative Space posting as I had a rather stressful week. To see what´s going on in other bloggers creative spaces please take a look at Kootoyos blog!

And take a look at my NotMassProduced shop where I have listed lots of delicious new stuff like these flower bracelets that really make you think of spring, sunshine and happy hours!

Glam Girl Bracelets

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 17 February 2010

My Creative Space

I´ve had a quite productive and busy time since last week´s post and have many things on the go! I have a couple of commissions I have to finish, and one of them is a scarf made of doilies. It is amazing how the doilies change character when you dye them and use them in another context! Take a look at two scarves I made earlier before I show you the commisioned piece in progress:

This scarf is made of rather big cotton doilies, hand dyed in purple and pastelgreen and embellished with a crocheted edge in pink. I love the colours, the make me think of the spring we´re all longing for!

This is a more delicate piece:

Filigree doilies in a lacy quality have been dyed in a pale peach shade and embellished with a crocheted mohair trim in cream with a thin gold lurex thread.

The customer who commissioned a doily scarf wanted it in hues of off-white and cream and with two rows of doilies. I´ve started to crochet the trim around each single doily using organic cotton yarn:

I have actually dyed the doilies in a in a pebble beige shade but they still vary slightly in colour which I like. I´m going to use 22 doilies for this piece as she wants double width, and I think the finished piece will look quite elegant yet with the right twist of shabby chic!

I even have another doily scarf on the go, cotton doilies in a flower shape, hand dyed to a berry shade and embellished with a pale pink trim in organic cotton yarn:

This is another commission, for my Irish friend Rainey from the Josie Baggley Company:

A generous but delicate wrap in the most delicious laceweight kidmohair yarn with a dainty handcrocheted trim, here a little close-up:

The crocheted trim makes the wrap really special, but it´s driving me crazy - the wrap is 220 cm long and crocheting the trim takes longer than knitting the whole wrap, lol. Luckily I´m half finished now and I hope Rainey will love it ;-)

And, as I promised last time, a peek of my throw - I´m getting there! (And the colours look fresher and happier as in the pic which doesn´t quite do it justice ;-(. )

The pink-peach-red cushion is not finished yet, but you´ll get to see the finished piece next week! And - if you would like to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces visit Kootoyos blog .

Before I let you go two pictures of my domestic universe ;-) You´ve met our funny and highly strung border collie mix Gustav before - here he is again, in one of his rare completely relaxed moments, together with our cat Frasse, while I´m working on Raineys wrap:

Yes, our pets are allowed to lie on the sofas and sleep in our bed and we actually like it! Nothing more cosy than a dog or cat to warm your feet in a cold winter night!

I wave you goodbye with my rather cheaky new ostrich plume duster, given to me by my mum - dusting is suddenly more funny and you almost feel like a Moulin Rouge girl, haha!

See you next week and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday 10 February 2010

My Creative Space...

Welcome once more to my creative space! I´m still doing quite a lot of crochet work at the moment, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my throw, but I´m happy with the way it comes along and post a picture next week! I also started on a new crocheted cushion in fresh hues of pink, red, peach, yellow, orange and green to match my round sofa cushions. Apart from the yellow and green I found all the yarn in charity shops, so we´re really talking about a recycling project here!

Have you noticed our white cat on the sofa? You can probably understand that visitors sat down on him a couple of times because they thought it was just a cushion - or they didn´t even realize he was there ;-) In the next picture you see how the cushion has come along so far:

I have also made this rather glamorous scarf in shades of turquoise, seagreen, reedgreen and silver.

I have again used the technique where you place yarn between layers of dissolveable tissue, quilt the fibres together and then rinse the piece. This is how the yarn looked before it was turned into a scarf:

I have some of it left and have an idea on how to use it for flower brooches using the same technique... let´s see if I can show you something next time!

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If you want to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces please visit Kootoyos blog!

Wednesday 3 February 2010

My Creative Space.....and snowy furry creatures!

Hello and welcome once again to my crafty universe! We had another snowstorm yesterday, this winter has been incredible so far as Denmark usually is not exactly known as a wintersports resort, lol. But this year we´ve actually had snow - continuously! - since the middle of decembre!

Well, having lived in Norway that certainly doesn´t scare me, on the contrary, I prefer it so much to rain and grey days! Just thought I show you some pictures of our horses first because they looked so cute + funny all covered in snow! In the first picture you see our shetlandpony, his real name is Speedy but we only call him "the boss" (guess why ;-) ) or warthog, haha.

Here you see all four of them munching their yummie hay, they look like a bunch of snowy yetis!
And - I can assure you - they are not freezing, they have a massive fur, a shed to seek shelter in and we make sure they get enough food to keep warm.
The two dun fjordhorses were our first horses and they are actually mother and daughter. They make gorgeous riding horses and you can always rely on them.

In the next picture you see our beautiful draught horse mix Sill, she is a rescued horse and was in a very poor condition when we got her 9 years ago. She is such a gentle soul and much admired by the many tourists in the summer because of her size and beautiful grey colour.

Ok, what have I actually worked on since last time? I finished this machineknitted shrug, it´s a new lace pattern and it looks beautiful I think.

I haven´t finished the pink bag yet as there still is more bead embroidery to do, but I made this wee purse:

It is once more almost a complete recycling project, I´ve used a vintage crochet tablecloth, vintage buttons and the lining is pale green silk from a thrift store. Only thing new are the handles which I bought at a craft fair a couple of years ago.

Last sunday the big annual booksale started and I bought a couple of gorgeous books, among them Cath Kidstons book "Print" and a Danish book about using thrifted textiles in all kinds of crafty projects. I was so inspired by the books that I went to my favourite brocante and charity shops where I found lots of old tablecloths and bedlinen to use in a big patchwork throw for our bedroom.

I don´t have the time to handsew it so it´s going to be a more simple machine sewn version but I still think it´ll look nice! So far I have only cut the different fabrics into squares and sewn the first panel together, but let´s see what I can show you next week ;-)

I´m still working on the crocheted throw every night and have actually finished the zig-zag cushion, so I´m rather pleased with myself!

Last not least a little peek into my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop where I´ve just listed these items:

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That was all for now - to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces visit Kootoyos blog!