Thursday 25 February 2010

My Creative Space!

Once again it´s time to invite you into my creative space. Lots of different things on the go, as always, but let´s start with this lovely scarf, another commission for Rainey from the Josie Baggley Company and part of a swap that we´re doing:

The scarf is made of a nice and fluffy mohair yarn in a delicate lace pattern, and the combination of red and pink is so beautiful - I love it! It can even be worn as a little shrug closed with a brooch:

I´m working on the matching wristlets right now, I´ll post a picture next week ;-)

I want to make lots of delicate shrugs in this beautiful lace pattern for my summershop and have chosen the following lightweight yarns in yummie colours, most of them supersoft kid mohair:

I even managed to finish my crocheted cushion cover, I really like the summary colours - just what you need after this long and cold winter when we all are waiting for the spring to come!

A couple of days ago I was tidying up my studio - things are funny enough piling up everywhere , lol - when I found this almost finished cuff I started to make for myself before Christmas:

I´m glad I found it as I´m looking forward to wear it, I only have to put the lining in and I want to add more bead embroidery to the edges of the pink velvet trim. The black lace falls very nicely from the wrist down on your hand which I really like.

Well, it has almost become a tradition that I post a picture of our furry family members, and I´m sure you will enjoy this cute photo of our two dogs Gustav and Snuff in the snow, looking hopefully up to me because they know I have some titbits in my pocket ;-)

Who could possibly resist them ;-)

Well that was all for now I think, and I´m rather proud that I managed to update my blog in time for the Creative Space posting as I had a rather stressful week. To see what´s going on in other bloggers creative spaces please take a look at Kootoyos blog!

And take a look at my NotMassProduced shop where I have listed lots of delicious new stuff like these flower bracelets that really make you think of spring, sunshine and happy hours!

Glam Girl Bracelets

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Aw, those little puppy faces are so cute...
    I love what you've been working on, Kirsten--that shawl is so pretty and the pillow is adorable! Can't wait to see what wonderful shrugs you whip up with those candy-colored yarns too!

  2. Beautiful update again! I am looking forward to seeing more lace in the kid mohair. That looks like something I would like and can wear. As much as I love working with wool -needle felting and sewing-I actually can't wear it. Cashmere, baby alpaca and some mohair seem fine. Angora can be iffy and wool only in coats with scarves, gloves, and layers of clothing protecting my skin. Everything else in your post is beautiful too (hi doggies) but those colours in the mohair -Spring!

  3. Hi Kirsten...oooh I love it! The lace pattern is divine...& the colours are great. Can't WAIT to receive them!


  4. Wow, The red scarf is stunning... So very beautiful!
    I love soft wools like mohair. Do you ever make mohair scarves like this red one and put them in your shop?
    All the items you create are lovely.
    Good to visit you again.

    P.S. Cute doggy faces too!;)