Wednesday 15 February 2012

Spring Clean

Can I just say I´m so content with myself! My studio looked (and was!) a right mess for ages, it was so bad that I walked in, panicked, grabbed the stuff I needed and sat down to work somewhere else! But now...

Yes, I gave it a good spring clean and it looks as nice and inspiring as it should again! I´m so happy as I actually love the space, it´s not big but with three windows and facing our cosy courtyard with my converted train carriage-went-shop.

I find it really important to have a cosy environment when I´m working, so now the ideas flow and I have been working on a new earring line, here´s a little sneak peek:

I´m working on pictures for my own webshop to come soon, so please let me know what you think about the photo set-up - does the cup steal to much attention or does it actually complement my style? (That was my intention, but feedback is much appreciated) I have to say though that the pics are taken with my Iphone and not my camera, so the quality could be better but I was only playing around and the batteries of the camera had run dry ;-)

We had snow and cold weather the last couple of weeks, but many beautiful days - just watch this sunset a couple of days ago!

Today though the birds sang, the sun was shining powerful enough to make the snow melt and I feel spring is on the way!

I´m determined to update my blog at least once a month from now on, and next time I´m going to feature a fantastic Danish designer - maker who creates the most amazing knitted dresses and accessories. So - stay tuned! I´ll be back soon!