Saturday 27 August 2011

Bohemian Boudoir.......

I´m sorry for being such a bad blogger, but this summer has been madness! I´ve been so busy with the new joint craft shop in Ebeltoft plus getting my own wee shop ready that there hasn´t been any time left for blogging! This is what I did most of the time (apart from crafting) - painting walls + vintage furniture for the shop!

But it was worth the effort. I had a great season and the renovated train carriage-goes-shop is amazing..... Here are some pictures of the transformation:

Now the REAL fun part started....filling the space with my vintage furniture and wares!!! By the way, apart from the floorboards and parts of the cladding we only used recycled materials for the renovation, all the windows and the door (from 1930!) came from estate sales or salvage yards. You want to see the final result? Okay then:

More to look at than read this time, but I´ll keep you more updated again from now on ;-) Enjoy the beautiful late summer + see you soon ;-)