Thursday 30 September 2010

I´m finally back!

First I want to apologize to all my followers that I´ve been away for such a long time, thank you for not having dismissed me and welcome to my new followers!

Summer is always incredibly busy, lots to do in the garden, summershop and markets – time seems to fly. I love having the summershop, and I can´t wait the new train carriage to be ready for next season as it will be insulated, more light and I will have more space!

I even attended the newly launched local farmers and craft market, selling both my handcrafted stuff and my homemade jam. It was a very cosy thing and especially the jam sold very well, so I have decided to diversify a bit and produce more homemade jam, jelly, liqueur and even vinegar and oil with herbs to sell in the shop next season. In the picture you see me with my friend Carey who I shared a stall with.

I can´t believe it´s autumn already, the fact that we´re heading towards the dark and cold months seems unbearable. The garden was wonderful this year, my hortensia bushes are still in full bloom and the other picture shows my collection of old roses flowering earlier this year.

Of course I found time for crafting, I still have to finish a shawl for the lovely Cat that I swapped for one of her pictures, but I´m getting there as you see:

And here is the beautiful picture I got from her:

I even made these rings:

Before I go, I just want to show you two pictures of our white cat Kveiting – he´s such a character!! This seems to be his new favourite place – an old bucket we use to feed the horses!!!

Oh, and don´t forget to pop around my webshops which have been kind of neglected during the summer, too - I´m listing lots of new stuff!