Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I have to apologize for having neglected my blog for a while, but my goal was to update it before New Year, so here I am!

Let me start with a picture I wanted to show you for a long time, it´s a birthday card my friend
Amy made for me - a little portrait of myself and my two doggies Gustav and Snuff. I love it and decided to frame it, so now it´s part of a little stilleben showing off my collection of vintage jewellery and other treasures collected over the years.

Christmas was nice until our beloved old dog Snuff (to the right in the picture) suffered a stroke on Christmas day. It was awful, but luckily he is recovering and back on his feet again, a bit of a miracle if you know he is over 14 years old! I guess he has too good a doggy life to give it up!
Here he has a cuddle with his pal Gustav, our other dog, who was really concerned about his friend!

Here are some pictures of my Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree:

I´ve gone a bit gothic in this one with the black vase and aubergine candles ;-)

A little stilleben in the conservatory

Christmas tree in the conservatory

We had a very cold and snowy winter so far, and although it means lots of extra work with our four horses, like carrying all water because the tap and pipes outside are frozen, it´s beautiful too!

Huge icicles outside the conservatory

One of my favourite walks in the hills

Craftwise I´m already thinking spring - I´m working on this doily scarf in merry colours which is very refreshing in the dark of the winter!

I´m also working on a couple of new brooch designs for next season, for example these "Sweetheart" brooches:

Okay, that´s all for now! I´m very happy I managed to update my blog in time to wish you all a happy, creative and exciting New Year and to say thank you for following my blog through the last year! See you in 2011!