Wednesday 10 February 2010

My Creative Space...

Welcome once more to my creative space! I´m still doing quite a lot of crochet work at the moment, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my throw, but I´m happy with the way it comes along and post a picture next week! I also started on a new crocheted cushion in fresh hues of pink, red, peach, yellow, orange and green to match my round sofa cushions. Apart from the yellow and green I found all the yarn in charity shops, so we´re really talking about a recycling project here!

Have you noticed our white cat on the sofa? You can probably understand that visitors sat down on him a couple of times because they thought it was just a cushion - or they didn´t even realize he was there ;-) In the next picture you see how the cushion has come along so far:

I have also made this rather glamorous scarf in shades of turquoise, seagreen, reedgreen and silver.

I have again used the technique where you place yarn between layers of dissolveable tissue, quilt the fibres together and then rinse the piece. This is how the yarn looked before it was turned into a scarf:

I have some of it left and have an idea on how to use it for flower brooches using the same technique... let´s see if I can show you something next time!

It´s Valentine soon, so I have listed some nice Valentine gifts in my webshops. Let´s start with my NotMassProduced shop where you find these:

Crimson Daisy Earrings

Candy Girl Button Ring

And in my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop you find this delicate embroidered brooch:

Marie Antoinette Brooch

Talking about Valentine - please, take time to stop by my friend Ivy´s blog Edera Jewelry , she makes the most intricate vintage inspired jewellery and has a gorgeous Valentine give-away:

Bonbon Necklace Giveaway

If you want to see my latest gorgeous vintage finds pop around my other blog Extravaganzza Vintage Treasures - I have just updated it and I promise lots of vintage eye-candy!!

If you want to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces please visit Kootoyos blog!


  1. Wow my dear, you are always to productive, and your copious products so GORGEOUS!

    I'm jealous on both counts.

    Lovely stuff!

  2. The sea green scarf came up really well. Thanks for sharing your technique too. I love knowing how items have been constructed.

  3. You always have such lovely projects in the works in your creative space, Kirsten! I love the new pillow and scarf (and that little vintage pillow in the photo is so pretty, too :) And thank you so much for blogging about my giveaway--I appreciate it! I think I'm going to take a break this week from the Creative Space group--I'm in between projects and don't have very much interesting going on--!

  4. Oh my goodness, I totally didn't notice the cat until I read down!

  5. Beautiful work. Your cat is adorable!!

  6. Lovely blog. Your round cushion is gorgeous! and your cat is adorable. I love your Marie-Antoinette brooch, very pretty. Cathy x

  7. The colours and textures in your scarf are really lovely.

  8. All this crochet goodness! I love it :) That's so funny about your cat! I didn't see him at all until you mentioned it. K

  9. I'm not looking at your cushion - I can't! Too many projects on the needles or on the hook already and that little number is singing to me!

  10. Kirsten, I always love peeking into your studio and seeing what you are up to. Oh, your making some really cool stuff!! I WISH I could crochet. I love that pillow!!:) I loved the shots of your horses in the snow. They are sooo adorable. THanks for the inspiration.:)

  11. Beautiful and inspiring post K. x

  12. I LOVE your button rings!

  13. Hi lovely blog....
    Eu moro no Brasil e tenho um blog de crochet com trabalhos quew eu mesma realizo. Vim conhecer o seu blog e simplesmente eu amei tudo que voce faz. Bjs Heloisa Helena

  14. Hello my dear - well, gorgeous stuff as ever and my photos are up. I'd love to barter with you. ANY of your cute jewellry for your choice of doilys, lace and fabric:
    You'll find my photos at that link above.

  15. That scarf is just so the soft color.

    xox Rella

  16. Hi Kirsten - I'll go have a look on the Floozys page to see what you've got! I would give you way more than just #3 lace btw!

  17. Your Candy Girl rings are aptly named! They look yummy!