Wednesday 17 March 2010

My Creative Space.... Spring colours!

I didn´t make it to join the creative space the last two weeks, but now I´m back with some colourful, springy pictures! I can feel that spring is on its way, although we still have snow – with night temperatures down to -7 degree it takes time for the snow to melt, but we´re getting there....

Luckily we have our conservatory, and I spend as much time as possible there working on my projects. I have bought primula in bright colours, daffodils and muscari to get the right spring-atmosphere:

Even my creative projects are inspired by the colours of the forthcoming spring and summer. I made a prototype of a new necklace design in vibrant colours, combining crochet, vintage buttons and vintage bakelite flowers:

And I finally finished the commissioned wristlets for Rainey from the Josie Baggley Company:

A couple of days ago I received this yummie yarn in the mail, it´s pure cashmere from recycled sweaters and the colours are simply gorgeous, not to mention the supersoft luxury quality of the yarn.

I´m looking forward to turn the yarn into lightweight lacy summershawls on my knitting machine, right now I´m working on a lace shawl in a pale limegreen shade:

On a more sad note, my old cat Frasse hasn´t been well lately.... I had him checked a couple of weeks ago and he seemed alright, but now he has lost his usual appetite and quite a bit of weight, so I have him checked with blood tests and everything again on friday. He is almost 15 years old and I know he won´t live forever, but he was always very agile and fit for his age and I can´t bear the thought that his time might have come.... He was the first pet we got together and has moved with us through the half of Northern Europe, from Germany to Denmark to Norway and back to Denmark - a trustful and dear companion. So I have been a bit tearful the last couple of days, especially because our dog Snuff is very old, too, 13 1/2 years, luckily still very frisky and cheeky, but it just reminds you that their lives are so much shorter than ours.... it´s sad!

So please, cross fingers that Frasse soon is his old self again as in this picture:

See you, thanks for stopping by, and to see what´s going on in other bloggers creative spaces please take a look at Kootoyos blog!!


  1. oh dear, so sorry about your dear Frasse and yes they do have shorter lives, but they give us such complete love unconditional love! sending you much love and hoping the package arrived safely! xo

  2. I keep my fingers crossed! I hope he will feel better soon. I went to the animalhospital today with my cat Nimbus, he is allergic and needed a new medicine.But they also discovered that he has osteoarthrosis. I have read about the medicine and it seems like many cats had died or got really sick. And many vets dont even want to give this medicine to cats. I dont know what to do. Animals are true friends and can brighten up any day. I sure hope Frasse is his old self soon again

  3. So sorry to hear about your kitty Frasse, Kirsten--I hope he feels better soon. My mother had a cat when she was growing up that lived to the ripe old age of 24, so you never know...sending him lots of healing thoughts!

    And I just have to say, I always love visiting your Creative Space--you always have such pretty photos! I love the new yarn--such gorgeous colors--and the shots of your conservatory and the little wristlets :)


  4. Ooooh Frasse, get well soon :-)

  5. Poor Frasse, hope he gets stronger soon. I've gone through your lovely blog- you make such nice things! Makes me wish I lived in a cool country and can wear scarves!

  6. I love those wristlets. This is my first time visiting & I adore your work, love the look of that knitting machine! Hope your cat is well again soon...

  7. Visiting all the kootoyoo creative spaces and love all the colors in your photos...I'm definitely ready for Spring to arrive! Also, I hope your cat gets well soon!

  8. Thanks for sharing your creative space, I'm feeling very creative at the moment.
    I'm going to Northampton Easter Vintage and handmade fair on Saturday with my sister and really looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers there.
    So sorry to hear Frasse is not well, sending loving healing thoughts for him.
    I have 3 cats, 2 are at least 14 yrs old and one is about 11yrs old plus and old dog of 15 1/2yrs old.
    Take care, best wishes,

    Sandie xx

  9. Hi Kirsten
    poor Frasse...but he's not frightened or anxious about these things-he looks SO very content and looks like the proverbial cat that got the cream in this pic! It's very sad when we do lose a pet but our memories help us through and in your case your other family pets will be comforting to you too. BUT, he's still here!- & off to the vet tomorrow-he may just be suffering from SDS and is pining for the mildness of Springtime eh?
    My wristlets are very cute petal-I love them!
    So talk later on FB yes?
    BTW if you want a good laugh -have a look over on my blog
    I know you love this guy.

  10. Sorry about your sweet Kitty. Sending healing thoughts your way.:) Oh, I just love peeking into your home. I always feel refreshed and inspired. Thanks for sharing Kirsten.:)

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments and good wishes for Frasse :-)

  12. Sikke nogle skønne billeder. Hvor har du købt garnet? God bedring med Frasse - jeg har selv 2 katte, som er gamle, og jeg bliver undelig trist, hvis jeg tænker på, at de en dag skal herfra. KH Rikke

  13. Hoping your Frasse feels better ... I know how you feel because my cat Juliette is not feeling well lately
    your work area looks so pretty

  14. Hey Hun....Sending you positive vibes for Frasse.
    Your creative space is as always...beautiful and inspiring.