Monday 23 November 2009

Free Blog Give-Away and Delicate Crochet

I just realized this morning that I have to get my free blog give-away started because next sunday is the first sunday in Advent!

But before I explain how you can participate, I want to do a little feature on one of my favourite artists and dear blog-friend Ivy from Edera Jewelry. I met Ivy here on blogspot - or was it flickr? - and I was instantly fascinated by her intriguing jewellery.

Copyright Edera Jewelry

Ivy incorporates fine crochet and lacemaking techniques into her work and her sense of colours and textures is just amazing. Her jewellery collection is both elegant and romantic and she uses silk, gold and silver thread, embroidery, semiprecious stones, vintage beads, and handcrafted chains to create her unique and very feminine jewellery.

Copyright Edera Jewelry

Copyright Edera Jewelry

Copyright Edera Jewelry

But Ivy isn´t just a very talented artist, she is also such a lovely person and has provided me with lots of help and advice on how to promote my work on blogspot and especially etsy - thank you very much Ivy!

Make sure to visit Ivys blog Edera Jewelry to see more of her beautiful jewellery and even take a look at her etsy shop as until December 1st, she is having a 25-50% off Sale on select items!

Free Blog Give-Away

Now let´s come to the blog give-away! As I have announced earlier, I´m going to have a free blog give-away every sunday in Advent, starting next sunday. The first item you can win is this dainty Mohair Beauty Brooch in a nice pink colour - perfect to add a splash of colour to your outfit on a grey winterday ;-)

To play along and have a chance to win you have to do the following:

1) If you aren´t a follower of my blog yet, you have to join the follower list

2) Take a look at my Fleur de Bohème etsy shop and write a comment to this posting, telling me which two items you like best and why. You are even welcome to comment other things regarding my shop and suggest improvements concerning f.ex. my pictures or item descriptions

3) I would be pleased if you would heart my etsy shop ;-)

4) Make sure I can contact you in case you´re the lucky winner - if you´re not commenting as a blogger leave your e-mail address

The winner of the first give-away is announced on monday, November 30 and the next give-away starts the same day!

Last thing I want to tell you is that the first pair of wristwarmers made it to my shop!

I´m happy to make them on order in the colours shown in my last creative space post (the wool cones behind the knitting machine), for more details see my etsy shop or contact me!


  1. Oh, Kirsten! What a lovely surprise to wake up to! Thank you so much for the write up--I really appreciate it :) And I love what you're doing with you new knitting machine. The wrist warmers are so pretty--I've just hearted them on Etsy. Thanks again for the feature! I'm going to write about it on my blog now :)


  2. ps--the brooch is so cute, it does look like a little, pink nest :)

  3. Hi Kirsten...hooray! know I've been waiting for this!
    Have just looked at all your lovely etsy two favourites are the turquoise lacy wristwarmers (they're so pretty and I love the colour) and the Happy Flower Power Purse (it made me smile, I love the colours and that flower pattern is fab!)
    Hope you get lots of hearts!!
    Nicki x
    (and I do want to open an etsy shop, but I'm too nervous!)

  4. Lovely post.....lovely jewelry, lovely wristwarmers.

  5. Hei..takk for hyggelig hilsen..Nå fikk jeg også anledningen til å se på alle dine vakre kreasjoner...Så flink du er:o)God dag til deg fra Maliva

  6. Everything is so lovely in your shop - and yet you expect us to pick favourites!!! ;)

    I love the organza flower brooches & the fairy flower corsage - gorgeous!!! They are so pretty & would, I think, make even the most drab or daggy outfit look cute & feminine.

    *fingers crossed!*

  7. the wristwarmers are my fav, great colors

  8. Your creative space is so inviting and feminine. I believe it is essential to have your little "altar" of meaningful objects next to you. Have a beautiful, blessed, Christmas!

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