Wednesday 18 November 2009

My Creative Space

Inspired by the lovely Ivy from Edera Jewelry I have decided to join the "My Creative Space" postings.

This week I´m busy exploring the possibilities of my new knitting machine. I´ve put it up in the living room on a vintage chest of drawers, a very cosy place overlooking the daybed (with Snuff taking a nap) and the woodburner in the background.

A little close-up of the kitting machine, some of my yarn and the dusky pink lace scarf I was working on when I took the picture.

So far I have knitted a couple of scarves and matching wristwarmers in a beautiful lacy pattern.

I´m sorry that the pictures are a bit dark and blurry but the weather right now is hopeless if you want to take decent photographs - it´s raining and dark all the time!

I´m also making postcards for a forth coming Christmas fair, my table is covered with paper, lace, beads, sequins, buttons, trims and all kinds of stash at the moment!

To get myself in the right Christmas mood I decorated a vintage Russian tray with baubles, candles and hyacinths. A little close-up of the postcards and the decorated tray.

To see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces visit Kootoyos blog .

I´ll be back soon with details about my blog give-away and the feature I talked about in my last posting!


  1. Oh, Kirsten--your creative space is beautiful! Your living room is so pretty and I love what you've created so far on the knitting machine. The yarns that you have lined up on top of it are in some of my favorite colors--can't wait to see what else you create. The cards are pretty too--as is the little festive arrangement on top of the vintage Italian tray :)

    I just realized that today was the day for this blog meme, so I better go take some photos---!


  2. Hi Kirsten!
    what beautiful space!!!!!!!
    I love this! :)

  3. Your space is lovely. Thanks for playing along.

  4. Wow, I love your creative space. The knitting machine should be mum has one but still hasn't worked out how to use it. I'd love to see your vintage fabric collection! I bet it's beautiful xo

  5. I LOVE (want, need, covet) your living room!!!

    All your creative stuff is lovely too, of course, but... Oh! Wow!

  6. love the colors here...golden asleep on the daybed?

  7. I am smitten by those wrist warmers, just beautiful! What a wonderful space.

  8. What a gorgeous place for your knitting, and such pretty yarns!

  9. Love your space and the wristwarmers are so pretty!

  10. Welcome and wow - your space is amazing. I really love your idea of getting into the mood with a little tray of inspiration! I am envious of your cold weather - too hot here right now!

  11. I want to come over and sit for a while...this space is so nice. I have never ever seen a knitting machine before.. it looks great. Peta

  12. Kirsten...a thoroughly inspirational post. Your living room is so very beautiful and your knitting machine pieces are delicate and lovely.
    The knitting machines seem so technically difficult.

  13. Your house looks so interesting and cosy...and your new designs are beautiful, especially the scarves! I love your card designs, too!
    Stella xxx

  14. what a great space to create in!
    love the colour of the wrist warmers ♥

  15. What a sweet, sweet knitting work, thank you for hosting this!!! Also, congrats to the lucky winner of the last fun giveaway! Have fun...

    r4 ds