Thursday 22 October 2009

Baroque and Quirky

Shame on me – what a bad blogger I am! I can´t believe it, but it´s three months since I last updated my blog!! Sorry to all of my followers, but it´s not only laziness but more a combination of incredibly much work and serious illness in our family, but luckily it looks as if things are going the right way now.

While my summershop was open a Norwegian girl, who turned out to be the owner of a beautiful shop just outside Oslo, came around and was really enthusiastic about my stuff, and – she placed a really big order due to deliver in October! So now you can figure out what kept me so busy!

But my true agenda for today is a different one. It was my birthday in September and, well, I´ve reached an age where it´s not unconditionally fun any more to have birthday, because it actually proves you are getting OLDER. But, the good thing still is – you get PRESENTS!! And I love presents!

My lovely parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and without hesitating I had answered that I wanted some of the gorgeous pieces of the Danish ceramist Marco Friis. He is one of my favourite ceramists and his work is just amazing. Baroque, opulent, quirky and subtle – all at the same time.

Marco Friis really knows how to combine styles from Romantic to Baroque with clean, modern lines and in 2006 he was awarded the Danish Craft Prize by her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. Often people tend to think that these beautiful pieces have been created by a woman, but there definitely is nothing effeminate about Marco Friis – when you enter his stylish little combined studio and shop in the Latin Quarter in the heart of Århus, you are greeted by a tall, blond and handsome guy who likes to chat and makes you feel welcome.

These are two of the pieces I have chosen for my birthday present, and I LOVE them! The pictures don´t really do them justice as it was a grey day not suitable for photographing, but I simply had to update my blog today. I have to admit that I haven´t used the cup for my daily cup of tea yet – although Marco emphasized that his ceramics are made for daily use and can be put in the dishwasher – but then this is easy for him to say!!! If he breaks a cup he can just make himself a new one, whilst I have to wait for my next birthday, lol.

For further information visit his website and take a closer look at his opulent cups and quirky bambi- and rabbitbowls in his showroom! And should you ever come to Århus make sure to visit his cosy and stylish shop in the Latin Quarter, Badstuegade 16.

Last not least: to make up for my long blog absence I have decided to have a free blog give-away all four Sundays before Christmas – the give-away presents include a ring, a pair of earrings and two brooches, all of them handcrafted by me, of course! More about this next time!


  1. Hooray! Good to see you back.....hope everyone's in good health now.

    I have been wondering how the train shop went over the Summer....the big order sounds SO exciting....well done! You must be so proud and excited....I would be.

    Happy (belated) Birthday too......those ceramics are absolutely gorgeous....I'm off to look at Marco's site in a minute!

    And a giveaway too......hurry up! I want to take part and I go on holiday on Wednesday!!!

    Nicki x

  2. Very nice, are you going to get the other piece of Marco's you talked about getting? Hey could you change me from kitschstitch as that has now depleted!

    glad you had time to blog as you sounded well busy when we chatted!

  3. Hi Amy, just let me know the new websites´ URL and I´ll change it ;-)

    I finally found the time to blog yesterday evening...and I´m so happy I finally managed to get around to it!!!

    See you maybe tomorrow, Kirsten

  4. Marco's ceramics are wonderful - lucky you and belated happy birthday. Best wishes. Lesley

  5. Hello Sweetpea...good to read your post (and Tracy's today too).
    I too adore your birthday present. They are exquisite.
    So pleased to read you have had a busy time making orders.
    The studio pic has been on my blog for quite some time must have just missed it.
    Thanks for asking and speak soon.

  6. wow, his ceramics are absolutely gorgeous! how lucky are you to get such a wonderful present for your birthday!? ~ happy belated birthday to you too!

  7. Hi Kirsten--
    So nice to hear from you and see you blogging again! I hope you had a very happy birthday, and your choices in what you wanted for presents are very nice--such interesting pottery :)

    And I'm so glad to hear about the great big order--that's wonderful! I am keeping busy with the jewelry these days, particularly wedding designs. Thanks for your sweet comments about my little features in the Etsy gift guides. For the Dia de los Muertos voter, I did nominate my bracelet, but the Wedding Attire guide was completely unexpected--a pick by an Etsy administrator. If you want to do some more promoting on Etsy, you may want to check the forums every once in awhile--they do a thread where you can nominate different items (including your own) for the monthly birthstone gift guide. I'll keep my eyes open for you ;)

    Good to hear from you, Kirsten--
    take care,

  8. Sorry Kirsten,
    I should've put a link on my blog....the magazine is called Somerset Studio and you can find it on

    Be might end up looking around the site and it's links for hours!!

    I'm off to tidy before my mum arrives tomorrow....we'll be gone, so I won't hear her discussing my poor housekeeping!


  9. Hej Kirsten
    Tillykke med fødselsdagen. Sikke nogle smukke kopper du har fået, det link må lige kigges på:-)
    Tak for hilsenen på min blog, det lyder skønt med dine salg i udlandet-tillykke med det.
    Vent lidt med at opgive dine etsy shoppe. Det er snart juletid og snoldetid. Det var det der skulle til for min butik sidste år. Det er de første 10 salg der er sk... svære. Og så håbe på at der bliver givet feedback. Jeg har en fornæmmelse af at hvis jeg aktiverer/fornyer en vare lige inden sengetid eller når jeg står op igen, så er der større chanser, da det er flest amerikanere der køber og de er ca. 6 timer bagud. Håber det hjælper.
    Kh Hanne