Wednesday 14 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a few words from here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and give you a little update on how things are going around here ;-)

I´ve been far too busy lately but finally the right Christmas mood is sneaking up on me - I´ve decorated the shop and made it cosy with lots of my handcrafted cushions, candles and knitted scarves.

I´ve started to use parts of discarded vintage watches and combine them with vintage rhinestones and other jewellery to create necklaces. The first pieces made their way into the shop:

A few days ago I even managed to get done some Christmas decorations in the house, I love these fabulous purple glitter deers combined with the moss, hyacinths and shiny baubles. Glamour!!! Here in Denmark it´s common to use hyacinths in your christmas decorations, and I think it´s a lovely tradition.

Even the pets enjoy the cosy Christmas time, isn´t old Snuff just sooo cute taking his afternoon nap in the conservatory? He turned 15 in october and we´re so happy he´s still around and enjoying himself. He´s such a lovely dog!

Last thing I have to show you is my new tattoo - finally!!!! I´ve wanted it for so long but struggled to find a tattooer who was able to draw exactly what I wanted. But it was definitely worth the time and effort to find him - I love what he´s done! It is very personal and has exactly the feminine and vintage feel I had envisaged:

The picture was taken when it was very fresh, it actually looks more subtle in grey-tones now where it´s healed up.

Enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful Christmas! And if you´re Danish speaking, pop around my other blog La Vie Bohème!


  1. looks very cosy Kirsten!

    has Snuff been on the gløgg??

    see ya Sunday xxx

  2. Merry Christmas, Kirsten! I love the way your shop is looking--and that tattoo is really neat! xo

  3. oh look at you! how warm and cozy everything is, and so very festive, makes me want to drop everything and pop over for a cup of tea! yes, best wishes for a lovely holiday and a really happy new year... xox

  4. What a great Tattoo, i like it, best wishes for all of you

  5. ooh love the tattoo its gorgeous and a very creative idea did you design it or did the tattooer ?I've just had one done too and it hurt so much I swore not have another for a while but they are addictive .
    Merry Christmas
    xx fee

  6. I just found your blog and I love it. I'm the new kid on the block, if you can call 66 years old a new kid. Well, kid at heart and pretty much planning on staying that way. Just started my blog in January of this year. Please come visit. I love your remodeled studio, it has a gypsy feel to it that is very appealing. Your new follower, Connie