Thursday 24 June 2010

My creative space

My creative space today is mostly about my summershop that I recently opened for the season.

The carriage needed to be reorganized and a lot of cleaning was involved before the funny part - setting up the furniture and decorating with my wares - could begin! I love the sofa, my sweet neighbour Helen gave it to me as she had no use for it any longer, and the shape and duck egg blue colour add a good hint of boudoir to the atmosphere which I really like. Here are some more pictures:

The peeling turquoise dresser looks gorgeous together with my selection of vintage china for sale! I even decorated the space outside the carriage with lots of flowers:

Although setting up the shop for the season took a lot of my time, I managed to get some work done. I made these summery bohemian textile bracelets:

And I needed to make more button rings as they´re almost sold out, so here is a selection of button tops ready to be glued on to the ring base:

While I was sitting in the conservatory busy with crafting my wares, our sweet Norwegian forest cat Frida kept me company, taking a nap between my tins with threads and buttons ;-)

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  1. Oh my goodness, everything looks so beautiful! Such a gorgeous shop & I love the dresser...

  2. Ooooh - I just LOVE it!! You have done such an amazing job. Congratulations! :-)

  3. OH wow, how blissful that must be. It's pretty. I would love to shop there!
    & your norwegian forest cat is lovely! Would be nice with my norwegian elkhound! lol

  4. Det ser fuldstændig fantastisk ud! Hvor er du bare dygtig!

  5. looks very beautiful, look forward to seeing it for real!
    see you tomorrow... x

  6. My word Kirsten...It all looks as thought they are photos from an interiors magazine...stunning. All the very best for the summer sales.

  7. Absolutely stunning. I wish I could visit.

  8. You have your store looking fantastic! I think Cat and I are coming to visit! LOL
    (I wish!!)xx

  9. Your shop is's more beautiful every year!
    Helen must be an angel living next door...the sofa is so perfect! I wish I could visit your shop, in person...maybe next year:-)
    Give Frida a big kiss from me, she's adorable!
    Have a great summer,
    Stella xx

  10. I see my friend Carole has already told you that we are planning to swim right over!!LOL!! I think I am drooling!! that shop is just so inviting! it is all so gorgeous! I know I would find something I love!! I know it will be a great success!! xoxox

  11. It's suc an inviting, interesting, pretty, bohemian, fresh looking shop Kirsten.Well done. You must be so pleased. Looks as though it's right out of Country Living mag!


  12. the carriage looks so beautiful i thought you lived there at first. i think i would move in. gorgeous shop.
    My Creative Space

  13. What a beautiful place do you have there , wow
    ♥love ♥RINI♥

  14. What a wonderful place! Looks like a dream

  15. Your space is just amazing. Love the romanic flavor of it. I want to settle in with kitty and have a cup of tea! Riki

  16. Cats just love a good place to nap, keeping an eye on you, interested in all you are doing, especially when there's yarn to get tangled up with! Frida is a beautiful kitty.

    Hope the shop is going well?

    Take care, Sandie xx

  17. Hello..your blog is absolutely beautiful..wonderfully inspiring post..gorgeous charm everwhere! Lovely to meet you!
    Have a sparkling day!

  18. Hola, congrats for your soooo lovely shop and the great items you have there, I would take the aqua color dresser with me!!! I found you at and just loved your home, so creative and cozy and wonderful!!!
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  19. I ADORE your button rings!!! I have a compulsion to constantly want to make jewlery out of vintage buttons...I just LOVE them!
    So glad I happened upon your beautiful blog. I look forward to follow along with you on life's many adventures!! :)

  20. wow...just found you via La Dolce Vita. what a great blog. I love your style and oh my gosh, you bought a train carriage, a big dream of mine.!!! I’m becoming a follower, cause you are cool!

  21. THis is some great eye candy. Your shop is beautiful!!! Love your beautiful cat too.

  22. I really like your blog, your works and your summershop...
    Patrizia Danesi - Italy

  23. Hi, My name is Rosalia.
    I have look in your pages. I have discover that the inspiration is always with you.
    Amazing and lovely creations, ideas..
    So.. I follow you!

  24. your summer shop is just wonderful. Since my daughters Grandparents just moved back to your city (they were gone for a long time living in the USA and Lugano) I need to write them to go by and visit you.
    All the best, Antje

  25. I wish I had neighbours like yours...that soaf would have been in my living room!!! I still envy your carriage, it really is wonderful.