Thursday 1 April 2010


It´s so nice that finally spring has come! I´ve been out gardening every day for an hour or so the last couple of weeks, with a garden the size of ours you need to be out there by now otherwise you´ll never catch up! And I enjoy it!

Even my creative space has been dominated by flowers this week. First I made these waterlily brooches, they feature burnt organza, taffeta, handdyed lace, silk and pearls.

Next project were some crocheted flower-hairpins in merry colours. I first crocheted lots of tiny flowers:

Then I embellished them with small buttons and seed beads and attached them to the pins:

I´m going to list some of them in my shops soon, if anyone should be interested ;-) And - it was so wonderful sitting in the conservatory making these colourful brooches and happy little flowerpins while the birds were singing outside!

And of course I had to try the new stuff on - remember always to wear flowers in your hair!

I made the little scarf last year and I simply love its colours, just the right thing to wear on a chilly spring day!

I´m also very happy because I´ve been invited to exhibit in Germany in May, so I´m going to be rather busy the next couple of months!

Last thing for today are these pictures from my spring garden, lots of snowdrops where the ground in the summer is completely covered by ferns:

And these small beauties that resemble snowdrops but they aren´t! I tried to find the English name, but I couldn´t - in German we call them "Märzenbecher" and I love them!

Have a wonderful Easter and don´t forget to pop around Kootoyos blog to visit other Bloggers creative spaces!


  1. They are really gorgeous, clever you! Congratulations on your exhibit, & your garden is amazing!

  2. Oh Kirsten these are gorgeous! I've been having a go at making organza flowers recently, but I'm a bit too over-zealous with the burning; they look a bit frazzled. Yours are perfect. Love the photo too, you are beautiful! xxx

  3. Your waterlillies are geogeous! The flowere pins are bright and cheery...just what we need after a long winter!
    Congratulations on your forthcoming exhibit too.

    By the way, I still haven't received your address to send your goodies to ( I got a bit carried away and there are other bits in too, the crown lace is right in the middle!).

    It has been so cold,wet and windy here and last night we had a sprinkling os snow!
    I have managed to tidy up the shed and recycle some stuff to fellow gardeners/allotmenteers...nothing went in the bin!

    Sandie xx

  4. Lovely flowerpins and a beautiful place to make them. Enjoy the Spring weather!

  5. your flowers are darling of course and you do have spring popping out all over even if it is chilly... we had a couple of warm days, which makes me long for green things, but my forsythia is gorgeous! Have a happy Easter dearie! xxx's

  6. You make magical things! I love them. Thank you for sharing those spring images.

  7. Happy Eastertime Kirsten Petal ! Hope your little hedgehog is doing good.
    Your flowers are so pretty -I wouldn't be able to choose and would have to gather them all up in an organza bouquet and wear them altogether!
    You look very lovely.


  8. ein schönes osterfest wünsche ich dir!
    vielleicht hast du mal lust auf einen kleinen swap?
    ich würde mich sehr freuen!!!
    herzliche grüße!!

  9. I just love the colors you use in your flowers. Beautiful blog!


  10. hello my darling- happy spring to you-im loving all your photos..

  11. these little pieces are so lovely, you have great ideas :)

  12. your flowers look great! and wow, what a lovely place to make these beauties!

  13. The hairpins make me smile. So fun.

  14. I love your designs, the color palette you use is beautiful too. Happy Spring!

  15. What pretty flowers....:)

  16. First time visiting your lovely blog!
    And I was left mesmerized when I saw your handmade creations.
    Specially the hand died doillies scarves.


  17. Wow! Those tiny flower hairpins are gorgeous!