Thursday 28 January 2010

My Creative Space...

I´ve been slowed down by an awful cold this week, so there was a lot of computerwork going on while I was sitting with my herb tea next to the logburner ;-)

One of the news I was going to tell you is that I was accepted by the British based craft and design platform Not Mass Produced, so I opened a wee shop there! Take a look, there are lots of talented people from the whole of Europe offering their work. One of the items I´ve listed there is this delicate lightweight shrug in a beautiful lavender shade with crocheted lace details I finished last weekend:

I also finished two of the items I showed you last week, the quilted scarf now is embellished with a pale yellow crochet edging:

Keep an eye on my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop if you like it as I´m going to list it there soon.

And the pale pink ruffled purse with doilies is finished, too:

This purse is almost completely made of recycled vintage materials and I´m really pleased with it. I haven´t listed it yet as I might spare it for the summershop, but if you´re interested just contact me!

And of course a little update on my crocheted throw! It´s coming along well I think as I crochet a bit every night:

I even started on a matching cushion cover in a zig zag pattern:

Other news include my new Fleur de Bohème Facebook page where you can sign up and follow what´s going on in my webshops and summershop. I´ll even use it to keep you informed about sales, special arrangements and give aways so if you use facebook regularly anyway it might be a good idea to sign up.

Another thing I want to tell you about is the Fleamarket Floozies group on facebook. We´re a group of European girls who are participating in the Dottie Angel challenge where we have challenged ourselves only to buy second hand or handcrafted for our house and wardrobe for a whole year! On the facebook page we barter and discuss and have lots of fun! Take a look and sign up, there are some really nice things up for swapping already. You simply list what you want to barter in one of the categories under "discussions" and upload pictures - it´s quite easy!

The other exciting news I promised to tell you is that I managed to find and buy another vintage train carriage!! Solely dedicated to my summershop!!

This is a picture from the one we already have, but I couldn´t use the whole space for my summershop as we needed some of it for storage of garden equipment etc, so I had been looking for over a year after a new one as they´re quite hard to find. Another thing is that transporting them is very expensive because of their size and weight, so you have to find one rather nearby. The one I bought is exactly the same model as the one in the picture, from the 50ies, and it´s going to be put up right by the road so the shop becomes more visible and people won´t have to cross the courtyard to get there. I´m planning to build a little terrace outside the entrance where I´m going to sell seasonal flowers (for the right atmosphere) and display my stuff of course.
We fetch it in april as we have to build a foundation first and this can´t be done in the winter, but I certainly keep you updated!

See you soon - and remember - to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces visit Kootoyos blog .


  1. The throw and cushion are coming along nicely.Love your bag with doily accent.

  2. Oh Kirsten, these are beautiful and congratulations about the shop too.
    I'm very jealous about the train carriage though, can't wait to see what you do to it.

  3. Such lovely work, Kirsten! I'd love to find an old train carriage...looking forward to seeing your new summer shop!
    Hope you're feeling better,
    Stella xxx

  4. What a busy space!

    Congrats. Your work is lovely.

  5. Hi Kirsten
    this is the fourth time that I've tried to comment -I've been having some real problems with my internet connection today. Anyway, what method will you be using in laying the foundations for the train-carriage?Jim used six concrete pillars to keep the container(for our shop) off the flat & to allow airflow so as it wouldn't rust.
    I adore the lavender shrug-I really do! & the crochet blanket is beautiful & looks so soft. The zig zag cushion is so cute and has to stay with the blanket!
    Talk soon on facebook
    'til then
    stay peachy
    Rainey J

  6. Wow!! So many great things happening with you!! Congratulations :-)
    You are having an excellent start to 2010!

  7. Oh wow know I'm already jealous of your gorgeous train carriage....and now you're getting another one!
    That's such exciting it'll be fantastic to have it by the road so people can get to it more easily.
    And all that lovely stuff you've been have been busy!!
    nicki x

  8. lovely blog and gorgeous creations! i will look around at the fleas for a crochet cloth this weekend! thanks for visiting my blog! cat

  9. Congratulations on the shop.

    Your crochet blanket (& cushion) are coming along very nicely.

  10. Well...congratulations are definitely in order! Well done re: The Not Mass Produced space! That's really fantastic news. I will go and check it out just as soon as I write this comment. Oh and yes to the doilys! I can see what very good use you put tem to. I've had a couple of other requests for doilys and lace, so I'll need to sit down and work out how much each of you I can barter with and for what in return. I'll get back to you just as soon as I can, as I've had a bit of a rough few days with my health.

  11. Hello Kirsten, fellow floozie here - Rella....I finally found your blog and just love it. Your work is so feminine and lovely.. ardent fan.
    xox Rella

  12. Hello, you are certainly busy. That lavendar shrug is to die for. and the train carriage - fabulous.