Sunday 17 January 2010

Happy New Year.... ;-)

I know I´m a bit late , but not too late to wish all you guys a Happy New Year I hope! Bjarne was visiting his parents in Norway and I was in charge of the whole pet menagerie all by myself.... We have four horses....feeding, carrying water and mucking out .... plus walking the dogs - very time consuming, especially in this cold weather.... The horse droppings were rock-frozen to the ground so I had to bash them loose with a spade before I could shovel them into the wheelbarrow.... No time for blogging guys!! Luckily the cats only had to be fed....! Well, my man is back now and I have more time again!

Okay, let´s start with all the gorgeous Christmas presents I got this year!

Before Christmas Bjarne and I decided to buy this painting as a joint present.

It´s made by the lovely Rainey from the Josie Baggley Company and I simply love it!! It´s called "Alice`s White Rabbit" and contains steampunk elements & vintage ephemera. Make sure to visit her blog and website, her paintings and steampunk jewellery are gorgeous and both her blog and website are a fantastic visuel experience! Here you can see where I put it up:

Another present I´m very happy about came from my man - he gave me the delicious body powder "Pretty" from Elizabeth Arden. What a girlie-glamorous-daily luxury, and on top of it all it looks gorgeous on my vanity dresser!

Here you can see all my nice gifts arranged on the table in our conservatory. The Dita von Teese book was actually my present to Bjarne, but I enjoy it as much as he does - Dita is amazing and the photos are fantastic, she looks like a goddess from the 40ies.

Of course I made some things, too. I wanted to crochet a lampshade for our bedroom for ages, and finally, I got around to do it. Gives a very cosy light but is still bright enough to read a nice bed-time story ;-) The vintage porcelaine lamp foot is a fleamarket find.

I also made this scarf and matching brooch for my mother-in-law, it was her birthday at the beginning of January. I have used a technique where you arrange different kinds of yarn and fibres between layers of water soluble fabric and quilt the fibres together with the sewing machine. You never quite know how the result is going to be before you rinse the finished piece with water, but this one turned out nicely I think.

Last not least a little update from my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop! I have just listed this merry crocheted Flower Necklace and matching bracelet - makes me think of a nice spring day!

I´ll be back next thursday with a Creative Space posting!


  1. Happy New Year to you too!! Sorry you had to spend it alone shovelling frozen horse poo!
    Love your xmas presents, all so beautiful :-)
    Welcome back,
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Oh I love your new painting, and I have that lovely Dita book too!

  3. Wish you all the best! Love your pictures!

  4. K ...always such a pleasure to read your posts. Your home really is beautiful and inspiring. Loving all your craft too.

  5. Happy New Year to you too. The "White rabbit" looks just perfect! I hope to be able to buy one of Rainey's paintings in the future. You had some lovely presents and the new necklace is lovely.

  6. Hi Kirsten,
    Hope you're taking it easy now after all that heavy work you were doing when your love was away?
    oooh Alice's White Rabbit looks so proud & happy to be there on your wall & I think I can see a twinkle in his eye as he gazes upon that Dita book!I want that book too.I'm so happy that you are both happy with the painting.
    That little lampshade is gorgeous & is lovely with the base. I found a lovely vintage deep turqoise porcelaine base at the Fleamarket before Christmas for €5 !I was jumping like a flea whan I found that!lol
    Thankyou again.