Sunday 8 February 2009

More buttons... and doilies!

Yesterday I got another parcel filled with the most scrumptious vintage buttons, so I spent the last two days making this merry cuff. I first layered pale purple wool-fabric, tulle and hand-dyed lace and then embellished the cuff with lots of buttons and glassbeads. The lining is made of vintage liberty fabric. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed every moment! I called it "Purple Rainbow Cuff" and I have actually decided to keep it for myself - I just love the purple and pink shades and think we will have many happy hours together!

I am now working on another cuff in blue-green-turquoise shades that is going to be called "Seafoam Breeze Cuff". This one will be for sale in my etsy shop, so keep looking there if you are interested!

I even made another piece for myself a couple of weeks ago, the scarf you can see in the picture on the left. I dyed vintage doilies in shades of green and pink and crocheted a black edging around each of them. Afterwards the doilies were sewn together by hand. I used mohair yarn and the fluffy effect creates an interesting contrast to the cotton doilies , but I have to say that cotton yarn works better and gives a stronger scarf.

It is incredible how the doilies change character when dyed and used in another context. They make a truly bohemian accessory and the scarf is my favourite right now!

If you like vintage stuff and bohemian style, also in interiors, you have to take a look at one of my favourite websites: Lyn Gardeners Empire Vintage,

Lyn is an Australian stylist and her home and shop have been featured in several interior magazines like Elle Interior. To me she is a real style ikon with her characteristic big hair and unique style. Her vintage universe is very feminine and sophisticated and she uses nothing but authentic vintage furniture, fashion and curiosities in her work.

I love her big hair and still try to figure out how she styles it, having dark curly hair myself I would love to adapt her hairstyle!! I think she uses a hairpiece and her hair is only just below shoulder-length whilst mine is waist-long which makes it harder to create that fluffy "bird nest" of hers!!


  1. very pretty -- i am finally trying to start a blog too but am having a hard time figuring blogger out -- how to add a banner, links to etsy and other blogs, etc. very slow going but i've got you bookmarked to follow your progress...

  2. Thank you both! I am still struggling with the layout in my postings, too - the pictures are sometimes difficult to put in the right place ;-(. Luckily my partner Bjarne knows a lot about computer stuff so he gives me a helping hand!

    Looking forward to see your blog Patricia! I managed to add the banner almost without help - and if I can do so, everyone can!! ;-)

  3. hi kirsten,

    i just found your blog and etsy shop this morning, your work is beautiful and the colours are perfect for warming the soul an a cold winters moring!

    i'm really looking forward to reading your new blog, have a lovely day,


  4. ive meet lyn a few time's shes divine.

  5. Please - ask her about the hair next time ;-)

    Honestly, would LOVE to meet her