Monday 2 February 2009

Finally got started....

So I finally got my blog started ;-) It took me a while to understand how things work, but from now on I am going to tell about my ongoing projects and artists/websites/events that inspire me.

The picture shows one of my current projects, I am working with vintage doilies and slips which I hand-dye, embellish with beads and vintage buttons and transform into something new! The turquoise slip is not finished yet, I have only pinned the doilies on so far and yet have to do the sewing and embellishing. I will keep you informed how things develop!


  1. Hello Kirsten,
    I think I may be the first to congratulate you on starting your blog. It is going to be very interesting and inspiring, I can tell!

  2. Thank you!! I am still struggling with the layout ;-( but hopefully I´ll learn quickly!! I really like your site and the things you make, found the link on Tracys blog! Thanks for your encouraging words ;-)

  3. Well done love, it looks great!
    You have been a busy bee!

  4. This dress looks like something a fairy would wear. Did it sell?