Thursday 28 May 2009

Peacockblue Surprise

Yesterday I had quite unusual visitors.... these two beautiful peacocks!

They first landed on the roof of our conservatory......

Then I served them diner in the courtyard and tried to persuade them that they had found the perfect home...

After that they took a rest on the roof of our vintage train carriage....

And then they spent the rest of the day wandering around the garden (and, although I loved them, I was slightly nervous what they might do to the vegetable garden - but they didn´t touch anything!)

Unfortunately they left our garden in the evening, but tonight I saw them on the roof of our neighbours house, and not only two but actually three peacocks!! It seems as if they have "adopted" the village, and no one knows where they are coming from. I hope they stay around, I always wanted to have peacocks! (And I hope they drop some of their beautiful blue feathers next time they come into my garden)


  1. How cool is this!?!
    I hope they stay around too... incredible!

  2. Love your pictures! Have a nice weekend, Jannet

  3. I love the pictures and what an awesome experience. I would be asking them to drop some feathers too.. pretty please Mr. Peacock?
    How neat that they spent some time with you! I'm sure they enjoyed their stay and maybe they'll be back since you were so hospitable.

  4. How lovely?! great story, great post, nice pictures - I love peacocks! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein