Sunday 29 March 2009

Neglected Treasures

The birds are singing, the days are getting longer - spring is on its way!! Made me want to redecorate a bit, so I changed the outfit on my dummy:

I love the hat, it´s so springy I think, with the vibrant pink and the flowers! It´s a fleamarket find from Germany and it´s very small, so I only use it for decoration purpose.

Even in the garden there are signs of spring, I´ll have to give the garden a good clear up over Easter.

I still fetch fresh vegetables from last years growing season, mainly green cabbage and leek. They are great winter vegetables - I didn´t even cover them over winter.

But let´s come to the neglected treasures.I had a little raid around my favourite vintage shops on Saturday, and of course lots of things made it home with me!

Some nice tins (again ;-) - but can you ever have enough??), an old sewing box like the one my granny had, a charming old mirror, lace, fabric and some small bits´n bobs.

In the second shop I found a whole box of sewing equipment - thread, embroidery yarn, crochet yarn, needles, fabric and these adorable needlecases!

I even found some unused stockings from the 60ies with the most delicate pattern! So naughty ;-)

Isn´t that beaded lace gorgeous? And the buttons will make beautiful centrepieces for a brooch or a pendant.

The woman who owns the shop where I found all the sewing equipment, some nice fabric, buttons and the stockings told me it all came from the same old lady. She had stored everything carefully, neatly wrapped and put away, there had even been old fashion magazines from the 30ies and 40ies and vintage slips but they were sold already (AARRGH - how annoying!!!). And although I was ever so happy having found such beautiful and useful things, it made me sad to think about the fact that this old ladies life now was for sale in a vintage warehouse, that none of her relatives appreciated the treasures she had collected and stored so carefully for many years enough to want to keep them. Well, at least some of it found a new loving home!


  1. Wonderful finds! And comforting to know that you will give them all a place of honor!

  2. what beautiful things!
    I know what you mean about the sadness of someone's life being not treaured by family....but those things have come to you and I'm sure you love them and will make wonderful things with them....I think the lady would like her treasures to be used.
    recently my friend and I found lots and lots of sewing things, lace making items and yarn and threads in a local charity shop and the story was very similar....someone had died and there was no home for all these lovely things.
    so we bought everything we could and have been making all kinds of little things...
    Just like you will.

    I'll look forward to seeing how you use everything!
    nicki x

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  4. Thank you both. You´re right Nicki, it´s good there are people like us who appreciate these treasures and use them or make something beautiful with them. And I think the old lady would be happy indeed to see her things being used and cherished. Her name was Johanne, by the way, she had the wooden box with the sewing materials engraved with her name - that was one of the reasons why I started to think about her, because suddenly it wasn´t just someones stuff but the person had been given a name and identity.

  5. Hi!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and thought,it was so nice of you! I appreciate what you told me about Julie and feel ever more tempted to go now.....!!
    I also love your story about the vintage finds, so sweet, it took me back in time... old sweet memories...!!
    P.S.Love your creations!

  6. wonderful finds!

    it always feels so good to me to give old pieces new lives...

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  8. ooops! tried to send a link but it wouldn't work!!

    I'm still enjoying looking at your lovely collection of Joanne's treasures.

    and I stopped by to let you know I've nominated you for an's on my blog, but I can't work out how to link it from here...sorry!

    nicki x

  9. Thank you so much Nicki - I´m very happy and feel honoured that you nominated me! I´m just not sure what to do now - have to ask my man how to get the logo onto my blog, he´s the computer expert in this house ;-)

  10. Oh, I absolutely love the vintage hat, dress and buttons.
    I love tins filled with buttons.
    My favourite thing to run my hands through a tin filled with lovely buttons.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog/post.
    Yes, I love having the ocean near me.
    I live on the western coast of California (USA)
    Have been here for near 11 years now.
    Spring is just really starting, however, here on the coast, we don't experience 'seasons' per say.
    Bairbre Aine

  11. Hi Kirsten,
    wow! I envy you that huge sounds lovely and how fab to have weather that's good for gardening!
    m Don't worry about the award.....just wanted to pass it on to some people whose blogs i love.

    I've had a long walk on the beach, a hot bath, made bread....and am now looking forward to a quiet evening with a glass of wine.......
    Hope you have a lovely easter too.
    Nicki x

  12. Hi, I've just found you through Flickr. I love the tailor's dummy and your vintage finds. I'm off to check out the rest of your blog now!
    Cathy X