Sunday, 5 July 2009

Train in Vain ;-)

I have been very busy the last weeks as I had to get everything ready for my summer shop in our vintage train carriage. I opened last thursday and I´m really happy with the result. I painted the table, bench and steps I use to display my bouquets of flowers from the garden in a nice lavender-blue shade to make it look cosy and inviting to visitors.

The rough style of the carriage creates a very interesting contrast to my handcrafted textiles and jewellery and the venue has a nice shabby chic feel to it.

My worktable with jewellery and accessories in the corner.

Vintage linen and tableclothes and in the mirror a peek of my vintage dresses.

Dainty summer scarves and my embroidered jewellery.

We had a heat wave the last couple of days, so there weren´t particularly many customers yet - everyone was at the beach I suppose, but I hope more people will come around during the next weeks. My summer shop was mentioned in one of the Danish lifestyle and interior mags, they had even put two nice pictures in, so I hope that´ll give me some extra customers.

I´m also exhibiting with three other artists in my friend Tracys gallery, I´ll post some pictures of that exhibition soon - the three other girls make fantastic stuff, too.

That was all for now - enjoy the summer!


  1. Kirsten, WOW, what a wonderful exhibition of your beautiful wares. What a stunning venue too. Such hard work to pull this kind of exhibition together, so the very best of luck and with Tracy's exhib. too. x

  2. Everything looks so dreamy! Great job!

  3. What a great place to sell your beauty's!
    Love the blue paint!
    Good luck!

  4. Kirsten, I am SO jealous!

    I'm jealous of that FABULOUS train's such a perfect backdrop for all your beautiful things.
    All the photos are must be so pleased!
    I'm sure you'll get hundreds of visitors....and how can they fail to be tempted??

    I just wish I could visit....I'd need to bring plenty of spending money.....

    Good luck and please post and let us all know how it's going.

    Nicki x

  5. Kirsten, it's so lovely! You've done a fabulous job...I love the rustic cottage feel, the flowers outside the door, the way you've displayed everything so temptingly...who could resist??!! I know you'll have lots of'll probably sell out of merchandise, all looks beautiful!

    I agree with keep us posted on how your summer progresses.
    Best wishes,

  6. This is like a dream come true.... Congratulations the shop looks stunning, I always wanted to open a shop in an unusual setting like this.. now I' m tempted to pay a visit as well!!I am sure it will be a success!
    Looking forward to see more... uppss I need to get back to reality!! This is so so nice, good luck!!

  7. Wow Kirsten your rail car shop looks so sweet! I wish I could come for a visit!! You've done a great job ... please take a moment every now and then to post more about the shop {w/lots of pics!} I'd love to hear all about your shop journey. Best wishes from New Jersey!
    Jill @ Bohemian Gypsy

  8. Just checking in on you~ everything looks so beautiful, what a gorgeous setting!!! I wish that I could be there to browse! Best of luck to you! :)


  9. Kirsten, your work is just wonderful!!!!!!! I loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations... I posted it in my blog... Take a look!

  10. looks great, so where is it .?
    I will be in Demark this summer

  11. Just found your blog, love your work.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue.

  12. What a superb place to display your crafts. I wish I could fly over and savour the atmosphere
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  13. I wish I had a train carriage in my garden...oh I wish I had a garden big enough for a train carriage.. It absolutely beautiful and suits your work perfectly.

  14. So incredibly lovely...

  15. I have never been on a train!I'm very envious. It sounds very romantic. Your vintage shopping spree sounds insane! All the jewelry you got is gorgeous. The vintage shoes and fishnets are FABULOUS. Excellent choices. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    dsi r4