Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Spring Clean

Can I just say I´m so content with myself! My studio looked (and was!) a right mess for ages, it was so bad that I walked in, panicked, grabbed the stuff I needed and sat down to work somewhere else! But now...

Yes, I gave it a good spring clean and it looks as nice and inspiring as it should again! I´m so happy as I actually love the space, it´s not big but with three windows and facing our cosy courtyard with my converted train carriage-went-shop.

I find it really important to have a cosy environment when I´m working, so now the ideas flow and I have been working on a new earring line, here´s a little sneak peek:

I´m working on pictures for my own webshop to come soon, so please let me know what you think about the photo set-up - does the cup steal to much attention or does it actually complement my style? (That was my intention, but feedback is much appreciated) I have to say though that the pics are taken with my Iphone and not my camera, so the quality could be better but I was only playing around and the batteries of the camera had run dry ;-)

We had snow and cold weather the last couple of weeks, but many beautiful days - just watch this sunset a couple of days ago!

Today though the birds sang, the sun was shining powerful enough to make the snow melt and I feel spring is on the way!

I´m determined to update my blog at least once a month from now on, and next time I´m going to feature a fantastic Danish designer - maker who creates the most amazing knitted dresses and accessories. So - stay tuned! I´ll be back soon!


  1. I love the new earring line you have! I like the photo setup too.

  2. your studio looks so enchanting... good for you, getting it all cleaned up and inspirational! looking forward to more posts! xo

  3. your beautiful earrings look beautiful hanging on the rim of that beautiful cup ..... ha ha ..... beautiful !
    Your work place looks wonderful too . It is so difficult to keep a small work place clean AND inspiring [ mine is a mess right now ] ... you have inspired me to clean my space up !!!!!

  4. Your craft room looks like a delightful place to work. I love the earings displayed on the cups it adds a touch of vintage class to them. dee x

  5. Everything looks lovely, Kirsten! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Hope everything is wonderful with you these days! xoxo

  6. Lovely blog! I think the turquoise earrings particularly look fantastic hanging on the edge of the cup.

    Thanks for adding OoohYum! to your blog roll. I appreciate it :)

    Helen x

  7. ooh! your studio looks so wonderful-i love all the windows you have and the gorgeous colours! you inspire me-i am the process of trying to move my studio from it's lower level and squeeze it into my upper(my home area-yikers!). gorgeous earrings too-i love the photos and wow, with an iphone(i really don't know what that is-i am stuck in the past!). i know you will be creating such magick in your clean and beautiful studio~
    xoxo, merle

  8. Your space is so cosy and romantic,just lovely! I think your product photos will be great for your new webshop. I'm really looking forward to seeing that :) Spring is in the air here too! xo Karen

  9. Hi Fleur, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. I love your space so much. It has that wonderful gypsy feel to it. It is always hard to keep a space clean when you are pulling out materials to create art, but that is why you have this space . . . and the creative process is the heart beat of the studio. So make a mess and enjoy! Your fan and follower, Connie . . . . . .come visit my blog the welcome mat is always out.