Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Creative Space.....and snowy furry creatures!

Hello and welcome once again to my crafty universe! We had another snowstorm yesterday, this winter has been incredible so far as Denmark usually is not exactly known as a wintersports resort, lol. But this year we´ve actually had snow - continuously! - since the middle of decembre!

Well, having lived in Norway that certainly doesn´t scare me, on the contrary, I prefer it so much to rain and grey days! Just thought I show you some pictures of our horses first because they looked so cute + funny all covered in snow! In the first picture you see our shetlandpony, his real name is Speedy but we only call him "the boss" (guess why ;-) ) or warthog, haha.

Here you see all four of them munching their yummie hay, they look like a bunch of snowy yetis!
And - I can assure you - they are not freezing, they have a massive fur, a shed to seek shelter in and we make sure they get enough food to keep warm.
The two dun fjordhorses were our first horses and they are actually mother and daughter. They make gorgeous riding horses and you can always rely on them.

In the next picture you see our beautiful draught horse mix Sill, she is a rescued horse and was in a very poor condition when we got her 9 years ago. She is such a gentle soul and much admired by the many tourists in the summer because of her size and beautiful grey colour.

Ok, what have I actually worked on since last time? I finished this machineknitted shrug, it´s a new lace pattern and it looks beautiful I think.

I haven´t finished the pink bag yet as there still is more bead embroidery to do, but I made this wee purse:

It is once more almost a complete recycling project, I´ve used a vintage crochet tablecloth, vintage buttons and the lining is pale green silk from a thrift store. Only thing new are the handles which I bought at a craft fair a couple of years ago.

Last sunday the big annual booksale started and I bought a couple of gorgeous books, among them Cath Kidstons book "Print" and a Danish book about using thrifted textiles in all kinds of crafty projects. I was so inspired by the books that I went to my favourite brocante and charity shops where I found lots of old tablecloths and bedlinen to use in a big patchwork throw for our bedroom.

I don´t have the time to handsew it so it´s going to be a more simple machine sewn version but I still think it´ll look nice! So far I have only cut the different fabrics into squares and sewn the first panel together, but let´s see what I can show you next week ;-)

I´m still working on the crocheted throw every night and have actually finished the zig-zag cushion, so I´m rather pleased with myself!

Last not least a little peek into my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop where I´ve just listed these items:

"Glacier" Necklace

"Odilia" Buttonring

....and in my NotMassProduced shop shop where you find these:

"Marie Antoinette" Brooch

"Waterlily" Cuff

That was all for now - to see what other bloggers are working on in their creative spaces visit Kootoyos blog!


  1. Glad I stopped by...I adore your crochet tablecloth bag!

  2. Oooh I LOVE the purse. Just beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh, those Shetland ponies are so adorable, Kirsten! I'm loving all of your new work, too, especially the shawl, and the purse, and the throw --you've been so busy! I once again will be posting on Thursday, because we had company over and I didn't photograph anything in time!! Your space always looks so pretty--

  4. Your horses are so cute! How do you find the time to create so many beautiful things?!!! I'm loving those lacy scarves...and those purses!
    Stella xxx

  5. Oh Kirsten...first of all, you already know I am in adoration of your little horses...and I have never been a 'horse lover' like those who dream of having their own horse and riding all the time....but yours have darling personalities and I really love them! Second, it's hard to believe that dainty shrug is machine done? I have always wanted to learn that delicate (is it bobbin or hairpin knitting??) knitting but so far have not..well, your piece is lovely but the piece of perfection is the waterlily cuff...stunning. Thank you for your visit to Faerieluna and leaving a note. Perhaps YOU will be the winning number!!

    xox Rella

  6. Wow you are a prolific crafter. Really really beautiful stuff. :)

  7. Wow that table cloth bag is stunning! I look forward to seeing your patchwork throw.

  8. Goodness me, you have been busy. I can't even pick a favorite!

  9. Hi cute girl! love your horses! they are beautiful. I grew up around arabians so being near horses seems so normal.
    your work is wonderful!! i am looking for a box for your quilt and pieces, and I have given you all the rhinestones that I have, not much but maybe you can find a use for them! I am putting your blog on my side bar! ciao bella!

  10. Ooooo I think I want some ponies now that I've seen yours. Such lovely things you have been making and I particularly love the crochet bag with the buttons:)

  11. WOW....I thought that I was busy~ so much creativity here!

  12. Kirsten you are a wonder! Look at all you've done! Such beautiful things!The shrug,the bag the cuff...gorgeous. And that patchwork throw will be lovely . The crochet throw looks so 'happy'!lol as do Speedy & the horses.
    Warm Wishes

  13. oh your ponies are snow ponies there divine....