Thursday, 21 January 2010

My Creative Space...

I actually realized this morning that the creative space group first starts posting again next week, but I´d taken all my pics and I have soooo much to show you.... many different things on the go.... so I thought I´ll post anyway.

First thing I want to show you is this scarf:

I´ve used a technique where you layer yarn and fibre between water soluble material and then quilt the whole thing together. After having rinsed the scarf I´ve hand dyed it in a dusky purple shade. If you´re interested, you can find it in my Fleur de Bohème Etsy shop!

Using the same technique, I also made this scarf:

I somehow think it looks a bit "naked", unfinished - although there is lots of texture to it, so I´ve chosen some pale yellow yarn to give the scarf a crocheted edge all the way around.

Next project in progress are these two bags. They´ve been on their way for a looong time as I started them over a year ago, haha. I´d sewn the respective fabrics together with material that shrinks when exposed to heat, done the shrinking and cut out the bag shapes.... and then they´ve been resting on my worktable until now.....

...when I suddenly decided I wanted to embellish them with vintage doilies, buttons and beads. The fabric in the bag above comes from a vintage pillowcase and I think I´m going to make crocheted handles in one of the two yarn shades shown in the pic (it´s actually organic cotton). Maybe I´ll add more beads, too.

I certainly love pink, but decided to combine the very vivid colour of this fabric with vintage lace, a doily, and cut out tiny flowers all dyed in a dusky purple hue to kind of dampen the bright pink a bit and not have the finished bag look like a gift from Ken to Barbie, lol. I´m thinking of crocheted handles here, too, in the yarn shown in the photo. What I like about both bags so far is the incredible richness of texture in them.

Next thing:

This is a new brooch design, I´d actually made some similar ones some years ago, found one of them recently and was inspired to do these. They´re kind of baroque I think with pearls and sparkles of gold and silver, but still suitable for the spring and summer season because of their colourway. I haven´t listed them yet, get in touch if you´re interested!

Of course I have someting on the go on my knitting machine, too:

This is a new lace pattern I´m trying, very intricate, and it´s going to be a shrug....well, if the knitting machine decides to behave and not suddenly cast off the whole thing as happened before....

Last thing is a little cosy project for our own home, I´ve decided to crochet a throw out of the many yarn left overs that are piling up in my studio.

I only started yesterday, but I´ll keep you updated on the progress. It´s going to measure 130 x 190 cm approximately so it´ll take me a while...

So, you see, lots of things going on and even more ideas!! I always have to laugh if people ask me where I get all the ideas from.... getting the ideas is not the problem, the problem is more not to get so overwhelmed by them that you end up paralysed because you don´t know where to even start ;-) But you know that probably only too well yourself, haha.

I actually have some exciting news to tell you but that´ll have to wait until next time (always nice with a little cliff hanger, isn´t it?!)


  1. You're so clever; these are all beautiful! I know what you mean about getting bogged down with ideas though. I get so inspired with things on see online that I don't know where to start and end up doing nothing!

    Can't wait to hear your news.

  2. Forgot to say, I'm interested in your brooches. They are gorgeous. Can you let me know details?

  3. Oooh, I love all the new things you've been working on, Kirsten! I especially can't wait to see the knit shrug and the purses in their finished state...and to find out your exciting news :)

  4. Everything looks beautiful, even in their unfinished stages... I especially love the first scarf! Looking forward to your exciting news!
    Stella xxx

  5. Love all your works!!!!!!

  6. A post brimming with gorgousness. I particularly love the machine knitted lace. x

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words ladies!

  8. j'aime !! ma douce! beautiful knitting artwork!! little brooches are so sweets!! and your knitting machine wow!!! my grand mother have a treasure like yours.. always make me dream!

  9. Hi Kirsten,janey mackers I don't know WHAT I prefer! I really like the way the shrug is looking -its colour is yummy! And I'm an addict for wooly/crochet/knit blankets too. How do you DO it? Well I KNOW you use a knitting machine but still..

  10. All lovely. So many pretty things created. Well done. Bye for now, Lesley

  11. You scared me for a minute there - I thought I'd missed the return of My Creative Space! ;)

    You've been super busy, I am in awe! I realise now too, that I'm typing, that I forgot to tell you I got my lovely brooch & ADORE IT, thank you!

  12. OMG! I saw you just joined my Bartering Circle blog and with a blogger name like Fleur de Bohme I just HAD to come and meet you. Well, I'm not dissapointed - your blog and your wares and your creativity are just AMAZING! Are you a member of the Creative Floozies yet? It's over on Facebook. I've put Jo Archer's link up on my Barter Circle blog. Be sure to go into the draw to win one of my collages too! So lovely to have found you!!!