Monday, 9 March 2009

Waiting for the spring....

I am so proud of myself - spent the whole afternoon yesterday cleaning our lovely conservatory and getting it ready for the spring.

We don´t use it in the cold wintermonths as it is very expensive to heat, but from the middle of march the sun is powerful enough to warm it up and we put the floor heating on, too. So I spent a wonderful sunny afternoon getting everything ready, I haven´t put the blankets and cushions out yet as it is still quite cold and I don´t want them to get damp, but apart from that everything is ready. I´m so looking forward to sitting out there drinking tea or a glass of wine, it´s my favourite room from march to octobre where I spend most of the time when I´m in the house and not in the garden. If you want to see more of our conservatory and the rest of the house, take a look at boboho where our home is featured and take a walk around our Danish farmhouse ;-)

The other thing I want to show you is this - I love flowers, so what more can I ask for?

I bought this gorgeous bracelet and the matching earrings on etsy from moonlilydesigns and oh how thrilled I was when I opened the parcel this morning!! Such delicate beadwork! Check out her shop.

So - I am definitely in the right mood for spring!


  1. Your conservatory is really, really beautiful. You have a wonderful style. Wish I could join you for a cup of coffee in there!

  2. Thank you! We actually imported it from Cornwall because we did not like the Danish ones ;-)

    And about the coffee - Tracy said you might come and visit them and she lives just around the corner, so let´s see ;-)

  3. Thanks for popping in to my blog - I'm glad you did as now I have found yours! I have had a lovely time reading it. Your household sounds like mine - besides a husband & 2 children there are 2 dogs, 2 cats, 7 chickens & a horse!

  4. Yes, that sounds much the same, but isn´t it a great life although it´s much work sometimes! Glad you like my blog - for more pictures check my flickr photostream I set up just yesterday!

    I put a link up later ;-)

  5. Kirsten,

    Thanks for the lovely visit to your home. I enjoyed meeting all your pets and your house is beyond words!!:) I keep going back and taking the tour and I have to tell you I am SO ENVIOUS! You are so talented!:) It is what I dream of having but I don't have the "vision" to achieve. I just saw that you have a photostream on flickr so I am excited to check that out as well. hugs, Amy

  6. Thank you both for your lovely comments :-)

    The house was completely derelict when we bought it back in 2000, but we always could see its potential. But believe me - it was 6 years of hard work until it looked like it does now, and we are still not completely finished ;-)

    We have a nice oldfashioned cottage garden too, I´m going to post some pictures on flickr soon!

    Have a nice weekend!